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Kopano Ke Matla Investment Company (Pty) Ltd (the Kopano Group) is wholly owned by Kopano Ke Matla Trust. The Kopano Ke Matla Trust was formed in 1996 and its beneficiary is COSATU.

Kopano the Group has subsidiary companies that focus on investing in specific targeted strategic areas with a view to not only own shares in them but to also participate in the value chain to extract as much value from investee companies. Kopano Group strives to be responsible corporate citizen by investing in areas that add value to the lives of the various communities and the society in general.

The Group has over the years invested in the following areas:

The Group continues to seek and develop strategic investments in targeted areas that are socially responsible and sensitive to the needs of the society they serve.

The strategic aim is to own and actively manage its investments through the abundance of black talent South Africa has to pursue the objectives of the various BBBEE Codes developed by the Government of the Republic of South Africa and not participate in fronting business activities at all.

The Kopano Group has partnered with various companies and media outlets to provide free financial literacy education to the millions of South Africans who are the vulnerable stakeholders in this area of the economy.