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Our Growth

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Growing with a vision to bring about positive transformation

Kopano Ke Matla Company was registered with a vision to empower the beneficiaries of all working classes to transform lives for the better. Registered in 1996, its growth through the years has been steady, and fruitful. Our participation in the economy has expanded to various sectors that attract our business interests. Our investment portfolio reveals key strategies that drive our current business.

Our strategic positioning is intended to enable us to create jobs, drive equality, and provide solutions that are pressing. We have invested in acquiring assets i.e. iChoices that resolve challenges faced by corporate bodies and potential worker forces. Amongst others are listed investments that are responsible for public infrastracture development and providing engery solutions in over 30 countries. Our investment focus in listed entities is meant to expand the interests of our core missions to benefit South Africa positively.


Kopano Ke Matla has interests in partnerships that are aligned to our key interests and strategies. Entities that aim to drive transformation in an ever changing economy, attract our interest to work together. We are stronger together, and we can achieve more together.