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The beneficiary is a representative of its union memebers and firmly commits to a unified democratic South Africa, free of oppression and economic exploitation.

It aims to achieve this objective under the leadership of a united working class. The union aims to benefits all its members across South Africa.

Through its history, the union has established tactics to achieve its goals. It aims to carry out the following tasks:

1 Organise the unorganised workers and build effective trade unions based on the democratic organisation of workers in the factories, mines, shops, farms and other workplaces.

2 Organise national industrial trade unions, financed and controlled by their worker members through democratically elected committees.

3 Unify national industrial trade unions, under COSATU’s leadership.

4 Combat the divisions among the workers of South Africa and unite them into strong and confident working class formations.

5 Encourage democratic worker organisation and leadership in all spheres of our society together with other progressive sectors of the community.

6 Reinforce and encourage progressive international worker contact and solidarity so as to assist one another in our struggles.

COSATU calls on all those who identify with this commitment to join us and the workers whom we represent, as comrades in the struggle ahead.